No Means No

I am relearning how to say “no” like I mean it. When Bodhi jumps up on the couch, I catch myself saying,”NO?????” instead of “NO!!!!!!” The dog books say “No” is the most overused word in dog training. I am to catch him doing something right and then praise him. I wasn’t raised during the positive reinforcement era where everyone got a trophy so I am finding it a challenge. I am not used to praising him with “skillful doggie” instead of yelling STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

Bodhi’s “Meet and Greet” Party!

I had a meet and greet party. My pack leaders read all these books and said that I needed to meet 100 people before I was 12 weeks old. Something about socialization… It was great fun though, everyone who came over brought a toy or treat. I also met some of my kind too ( Cleo, Gracie and Shadow).

Kitty Heart

Party People

Family Portrait


After everyone went home, my pack leaders tried to stack me and take a photo. Boy are they poor handlers…