Skillful Dog

Dog people use “good dog” as praise. I am trying to use “skillful dog”. Skillful means is a Buddhist concept. That there is no good and bad, just a continuum of skills. There is less judgement. We can all become more skillful. Bodhi and me.


Bodhi has been under the weather. He is not his bouncy, crazy puppy self. We are laying off the exercise and letting him rest. Could it be something we did? He got his vaccinations more than a week ago, could he be having a delayed reaction? He could have hurt himself playing with a bigger dog. Are we overreacting?

When he is lethargic and sleeping a lot, we wish for the crazy, bouncy puppy. When he is healthy and racing around the house the kitchen table, we wish for the calm, mellow, mature dog that he will one day become. One year of puppyhood equals fourteen human years. We will have a teenager soon enough.

My First Match and I Won!

Today I drove with my pack to Waimea to the Kona Coast Kennel Club dog show match.

KCKC Match

How exciting to see all the dogs that don’t look like me. Wait a minute, nobody looks like me… As we waited for my turn to go in the ring I practiced being calm by sitting.


I learned soon after that my pack leader was not going into the ring with me but this really nice lady would be my handler. She had a sweet encouraging voice and yummy treats.


She encouraged me to stand with a yummy treat while the judge touched and looked at me. I had to do this a lot, and I had to prance around the ring too.


I’m so glad the nice lady named Melisa handled me, because my pack leader does not have the good treats and the happy voice.


I was so glad to get out of the ring so I can be me. Then I find out that I won best in breed! I was so excited that I won, but my pack leaders were laughing because I was the only vizsla. Oh well, I like it better when I can roll around in the grass on my back while chewing on koa leaves anyway. Then there was all these applause, and I quickly look at the ring to find out that Oliver, my class mate at AKC CGC won the show!


This dog show stuff is fun, for the first hour… Can we go home now?

Can we go home?I mean it, can we go home…


Pack leader said that I might have to go into the ring again. He was right, and the nice lady Melisa took me back in the ring one more time.

stack 3

Here I am prancing about the ring!

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Showing Up

Bodhi participated in his first dog show match and he bounced around the ring. The other puppies were calm and serene. It didn’t matter, Bodhi got a ribbon for Best of Breed because he was the only Hungarian Vizsla at the show. That’s the beauty of just showing up.

First Day at School.

Today was my first day at school. The class I’m taking is AKC Canine Good Citizen. This class is eight weeks long. At first I was a little nervous with all the new people and dogs. Then pack leader was really strict and didn’t allow me to meet the other people.


We did all these walking drills and this funny exercise where the pack leaders stopped and talked but I had to sit and watch them and the other dog.

Meet and Greet

Not fair!!! When do I get to sniff? Then we played the watch me game. Pack leader had a smelly treat in his hand and he moved around with his face. I had to watch.

Watch Me

How long do I have to do this to get the treat? We also practiced the command come on a long rope. I thought it was silly exercise, why wouldn’t I come, I get treats and praise when I do it, so I chewed the yellow rope when nobody was looking waiting my turn. At the end of class some dogs and pack leaders practiced for the dog show match in Waimea tomorrow. I was invited to participate too! At the end of the class, I was so tired that I fell asleep in the car.

Sleep Time