Volcano Adventure with James

We had a visitor over the New Year weekend. His name was James. He is Mary’s brother who lives in NY City. They refer to this location as the “big apple.” I like apples!

See how closely I can watch alpha eat the apple, I even get the core if I’m good.
Watch closely
It is a long drive to Volcano National Park but I like driving in the car because I always get to meet new people and new smells.
I usually get to have the whole back seat to myself, but this time I had to share with James.
He is a nice human, he gave me lots of loves and feed me when alpha was not looking. The volcano was stinky. Lots of fumes coming out of the ground.
I did get to clear my nose with the smells of some rain forest plants like these…
while we walked down an old road that was closed after a large earthquake. Some of the road fell into the caldera.
I had a great time with James at the Volcano, I hope he comes back so we can share the backseat again and those treats while alpha wasn’t looking!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

This morning I did my traditional weigh-in and alpha plotted out the results:
Bodhi Growth Chart

I’m finally starting to slow down in my growth rate as an almost 9 month old “V”. I still have lots of energy to burn each day and not an ounce of fat on my body. Alpha seems to do this weight thing to predict how heavy I’ll be when I become an adult.