Bodhi’s Thoughts on Obedience Trials…

Hi I’m Bodhi, I’m happiest when I can run free in the tall grass!

I’m even happier when I can point and flush birds

and leap through the air (look Mom no paws on the ground).

This is the best! I even get to shake the morning due off my coat and get the humans wet.

Did I hear you say it’s time to leave for the Obedience Trial?

This is what I think about sit, stay, left turn, right turn, come, figure eight… Yeah that’s right, one big raspberry to that…

Boy this is fun… Sit, not me and definitely not on the plastic tennis court surface, would you sit on it?

Loser human…

2 thoughts on “Bodhi’s Thoughts on Obedience Trials…

  1. Aloha,
    we loved looking through your blog on Bodhi. We are very interested in the Vizsla breed and wanted to know if there were any breeders here in Hawaii? We live in Waimananlo with over an acre backyard and hiking trail right off our road. We have a rescue Rhodesian Ridgeback named Koa (a total loving goofball) and love to take him on hikes with us. We wouldn’t mind rescuing another dog or going through a breeder. If there isn’t a breeder here, would you recommend another breeder? Thank you for your time! Mahalo!

    The Lee Family

  2. I loved reading your blog; although it doesn’t look like you guys are posting anymore. We have a Vizsla hiking group here on Oahu, so you’ll have to meet up with us if you’re ever out here! There are two Hubertus Vizslas in the group as well, so they may be relatives of Bodhi! :-)

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