Halloween 2011

This year I dressed up as Irondog!

I live near Kailua-Kona, where the the Ironman World Champion race is held every year. I watch the Triathlon athletes race and practice all the time. I can do all the tasks they can do, well maybe not the funny machine with the two wheels… I just don’t need the silly gear… But for Halloween I decided to wear the silly gear, swim goggles, visor, running number, running hydration pack, and bike blinky light. See I’m ready for action!

I competed in the costume contest at PetCo but just like last year, the competition was formidable. Actually I think the small dogs have an unfair advantage, especially if they are with “puppy humans” in costume too.

The winner was a small white dog being eaten by an alligator…

then came a Chihuahua in a Mario brother costume and third place was a Cocker Spaniel dressed as vampires.

I tied for forth place this year…

It was fun to meet the other dogs and PetCo gave me a treat bag for participating!

2 thoughts on “Halloween 2011

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering how you got a Vizsla in Hawaii and if you happen to know a breeder on the Big Island. I’m very interested in getting an active running dog and Vizslas seem to be a good fit.

  2. Aloha,

    Vizslas are great running dogs, endless energy…

    Not a lot of Vizslas in Hawaii. Most are from Australia, New Zealand or came from the mainland as adults.

    Bodhi has a sister, Cedar. Cedar was born in Kailua-Kona on the big island. I will forward you an e-mail with contact info if you would like to talk with the breeder.

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