Petco Halloween Party

Last year for Halloween I went as myself because no matter what they put on me, I tore it off. This year, I felt it would be best to just go with the flow and let them costume me.


I am a Naturalist Trail Guide Dog, aka Alpha’s Mini Me since he used to be a Naturalist Guide himself. He said I am really going as a Naturalist since I don’t have any pants on.


The Competition was stiff, but I won 3rd Place! $5 gift certificate and lots of treats.

My favorite part was bobbing for tennis balls. So many balls, so little time…


Until next year, Happy Halloween!

My First Sleepover

My buddy Cooper came to stay with us while his family went to Honolulu for the weekend. I’ve known Cooper since I was a pup. Cooper is 5 years old but he still lets me play with him.
I like playing tug of war with Cooper because he doesn’t say “drop” like Alpha does. We can keep tugging as long as we want.
We did a pack walk on Walua Road. I wanted to run ahead but Alpha insisted that we heel.
The next day, we did a pack hike in Kaloko. Cesar would have been proud.
It was raining and muddy on the trail so Alpha gave us baths. I’m a wash, shake and go kind of dog but I had to wait for Cooper to get brushed since he’s sporting a longer do.
Time to rest.
Time to play again. Oh come on, Cooper, get up, you’ve slept long enough. Game on.

I’ll just have to go back to trying to get Banyan to play with me.

My Day at the Conformation Match in Waimea

It’s hard to believe a year has gone by since my first conformation match. I was just a wee one then and don’t remember much except a nice lady named Melisa was my Handler. This year, Alpha decided to give it a go and be my Handler. Usually Alpha and I run, bike, swim, do agility runs, but lately, I’ve been having to practice standing still which is really hard for me.
This morning I jumped into the backseat of the car for another adventure. I didn’t know where we were going but I knew it would be somewhere fun. We went to the vet a few days ago and that was fun too. Even before I got out of the car, I smelled all the other dogs at the match. I got very excited to meet everyone. That’s my favorite thing to do – greet people.
The match started and my first time in the ring wasn’t that fun. It was just me because I was the only Vizsla in the match. The judge tried to look at my teeth and feel my balls. I was fidgety and couldn’t stand still as we practiced at home. I got Best in Breed anyway since I was the only V. Now we had to wait until all the other dogs had their turn in the ring. I had to sit in my crate. I don’t mind sitting in my crate because Alpha brought my duck to keep me company.
OK, it’s time for us to get back in the ring. This time, I am with all the best of breeds in the Sporting Dog Category. Alpha and I are ready and we have our game faces on.
I like it better when other dogs are in the ring with me, that way I can watch what they are doing and follow along. It’s more fun running around the ring with other dogs.

Here is a clip of my performance in the ring:

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Alpha was so shocked that I got third place that he started to leave the ring and the stewart had to call him back. We got our picture taken with the winners. Here I am with my third place ribbon.
I don’t know how far I will pursue my show career. But I do know that I enjoy the victory lap and the applause.

Volcano Adventure with James

We had a visitor over the New Year weekend. His name was James. He is Mary’s brother who lives in NY City. They refer to this location as the “big apple.” I like apples!

See how closely I can watch alpha eat the apple, I even get the core if I’m good.
Watch closely
It is a long drive to Volcano National Park but I like driving in the car because I always get to meet new people and new smells.
I usually get to have the whole back seat to myself, but this time I had to share with James.
He is a nice human, he gave me lots of loves and feed me when alpha was not looking. The volcano was stinky. Lots of fumes coming out of the ground.
I did get to clear my nose with the smells of some rain forest plants like these…
while we walked down an old road that was closed after a large earthquake. Some of the road fell into the caldera.
I had a great time with James at the Volcano, I hope he comes back so we can share the backseat again and those treats while alpha wasn’t looking!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

This morning I did my traditional weigh-in and alpha plotted out the results:
Bodhi Growth Chart

I’m finally starting to slow down in my growth rate as an almost 9 month old “V”. I still have lots of energy to burn each day and not an ounce of fat on my body. Alpha seems to do this weight thing to predict how heavy I’ll be when I become an adult.