Halloween 2011

This year I dressed up as Irondog!

I live near Kailua-Kona, where the the Ironman World Champion race is held every year. I watch the Triathlon athletes race and practice all the time. I can do all the tasks they can do, well maybe not the funny machine with the two wheels… I just don’t need the silly gear… But for Halloween I decided to wear the silly gear, swim goggles, visor, running number, running hydration pack, and bike blinky light. See I’m ready for action!

I competed in the costume contest at PetCo but just like last year, the competition was formidable. Actually I think the small dogs have an unfair advantage, especially if they are with “puppy humans” in costume too.

The winner was a small white dog being eaten by an alligator…

then came a Chihuahua in a Mario brother costume and third place was a Cocker Spaniel dressed as vampires.

I tied for forth place this year…

It was fun to meet the other dogs and PetCo gave me a treat bag for participating!


I moved from Kealakekua, Hawaii to Puu Anahulu, Hawaii in August. It seems like we are no longer living in Hawaii as the tropical flora has been replaced with Silver Oaks, Jacarandas, and North Fork Island Pines.

I’ve been told that the new house matches me… Do you think so?

Although the house looks different…

The sofa is still the same!

So far I’ve caught three mice, who needs a cat when you have me the versatile Vizsla!

Did I mention that the new house has three fields on the 1.2 acres of property that I can freely run in? And best of all there are “Birds”!!! Not the small colorful tropical one’s but big ones! See take a look out my window.

I watch them from the window all the time and point at them in the field. I have to admit that I have a problem… When I see those birds I get all red in the nose and lips and I at first sneak up on them and freeze but, but, but I just have to break and give chase. When I’m in chase, I just don’t hear anything, I swear, I really go deaf!

The other day out in front of the drive way another friend came by…

I love my new home, it’s cool at the high elevation, lots of birds, and places to run free! I did mention tall grass and birds, right, lots of birds!!!

I’m bigger!

Pack leader said I’ve doubled in size! According to his weight measurements, I’ve gained over 15 lbs. Pack leader made a chart of my weight and applied a 3rd order polynomial trend line using a projected weight of 60 lbs when I’m 2 years old. We will see if his assumptions and math are right…


I also got stacked and photographed today for my AKC registration application. Here are my front and side pictures.

Side Stack

Front Stack

These endless stacking photos are tiring! Pack leader is always telling me to stand when I just want to sit down… I’m glad the photo shoot is complete because I just want to take a nap!


My First Match and I Won!

Today I drove with my pack to Waimea to the Kona Coast Kennel Club dog show match.

KCKC Match

How exciting to see all the dogs that don’t look like me. Wait a minute, nobody looks like me… As we waited for my turn to go in the ring I practiced being calm by sitting.


I learned soon after that my pack leader was not going into the ring with me but this really nice lady would be my handler. She had a sweet encouraging voice and yummy treats.


She encouraged me to stand with a yummy treat while the judge touched and looked at me. I had to do this a lot, and I had to prance around the ring too.


I’m so glad the nice lady named Melisa handled me, because my pack leader does not have the good treats and the happy voice.


I was so glad to get out of the ring so I can be me. Then I find out that I won best in breed! I was so excited that I won, but my pack leaders were laughing because I was the only vizsla. Oh well, I like it better when I can roll around in the grass on my back while chewing on koa leaves anyway. Then there was all these applause, and I quickly look at the ring to find out that Oliver, my class mate at AKC CGC won the show!


This dog show stuff is fun, for the first hour… Can we go home now?

Can we go home?I mean it, can we go home…


Pack leader said that I might have to go into the ring again. He was right, and the nice lady Melisa took me back in the ring one more time.

stack 3

Here I am prancing about the ring!

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First Day at School.

Today was my first day at school. The class I’m taking is AKC Canine Good Citizen. This class is eight weeks long. At first I was a little nervous with all the new people and dogs. Then pack leader was really strict and didn’t allow me to meet the other people.


We did all these walking drills and this funny exercise where the pack leaders stopped and talked but I had to sit and watch them and the other dog.

Meet and Greet

Not fair!!! When do I get to sniff? Then we played the watch me game. Pack leader had a smelly treat in his hand and he moved around with his face. I had to watch.

Watch Me

How long do I have to do this to get the treat? We also practiced the command come on a long rope. I thought it was silly exercise, why wouldn’t I come, I get treats and praise when I do it, so I chewed the yellow rope when nobody was looking waiting my turn. At the end of class some dogs and pack leaders practiced for the dog show match in Waimea tomorrow. I was invited to participate too! At the end of the class, I was so tired that I fell asleep in the car.

Sleep Time