Halapē Trip

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Waimanu Valley Trip

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Backcountry in Volcano National Park
Halapē Trip 10-31-07 to 11-2-07


3.1 Miles to ʻĀpua Point Camp Site

Packs on with 5 liters of water each and ready to go!

Older pahoehoe lava flows

Note the ahu (stone piles) with white coral on top for trail markers

Close up of ahu and lava trail (light brown)

1973 Mauna Ulu lava flows (dark black color)

Contrast of dark black finger flow 1973 Mauna Ulu lava on older lava flow

What planet are we on?

More pahoehoe lava!

ʻĀpua Point in the distance

Older lava that looks like turtle shells

Even more lava...

What can I say, it's all over the place...

ʻĀpua Point

ʻĀpua Point Camp Site

ʻĀpua Point Beach

Another bathroom with both mountain and ocean views!

Clouds with interesting colors

Even more clouds...

Keith waving from the bathroom!

Our camp site at ʻĀpua Point

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